Stylish, contemporary & luxurious
long lasting Floral Design

Symphonie Des Roses is one of the market leader in preserved floral arrangements for corporate customer.

Preserved Floral Arrangements for Corporate Headquarters, Offices & Luxury Residences

Lavish & Exclusive Designs

SDR lavish and exclusive designs can be arranged in a manner to add character, creativity, colour and texture to the existing interior décor and corporate surroundings to provide a more inviting and aesthetically appealing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Our corporate clients include well-known Corporate Offices, Hotels, Showrooms and Property Developers, Interior Designers, Fashion Retailers, Event Planners, Fine Dining, Bars, Private Clubs and luxury Residences who have been shifted from fresh cut flowers to our natural preserved flowers because:

Preserved Floral Arrangements for Interior Designers and Property Developers
Preserved Floral Arrangements for Spas
  • Our eternity, long lasting luxury flower arrangements don’t need water and save labor’s cost and time for changing the flowers water constantly.
  • Maintenance and care free
  • They are natural flowers with all the beauty and elegance of fresh cut flowers
  • Many colours and varieties to customized the design
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Allergy-free
  • Significant savings in the Annual Flower Budget.

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