When a special occasion comes around, and you and your loved one are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, then it might be time to splurge on a luxury item for them. There are many ways to show love and affection, and for some people, that is through gift giving. Watching their face light up as they open the perfect and well thought out gift that you sought and purchased for them is worth any price tag that may have come along with it. If you’re struggling with what to get, but know that you want the gift to be luxurious and memorable then there are a few staples that will be immediately adored by your special someone. 

Chocolates from a Chocolatier

Any old box of chocolates just won’t do if you want to impress your special someone. Instead of going to the grocery store and buying a bulk box of candy, research and find a high-end chocolatier in your area or someone who will ship to you. Even just a few small high-end chocolates will be more enjoyable than a big box of store brand chocolates. While the expense may be a bit more than bulk candy, you can easily mitigate this with just a few well-chosen chocolates. Buying individual chocolates also means that you can select exactly what your special someone would want, whether it is a dark sea salt caramel or a mint indulgence. 

Diamonds are Forever

If you have the funds to get a more expensive luxury item, then some kind of diamond jewelry is always a safe way to go. Whether you get a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a ring, the gift will be more than appreciated. A beautiful diamond, or string of diamonds, is something that your special someone will feel good wearing, and will be a reminder of the thoughtful gift that you gave to them.

Their Signature Scent

If your special someone has a signature scent that they already use, or if they have been longing for a particular perfume for a while, then that is a perfect, luxurious present for you to get them. Perfume is incredibly personal. Many people have a scent that defines them. Do a little snooping to figure out if there is a scent that your partner uses exclusively, or try to figure out what profile they tend towards. If you have a good idea of what perfumes they generally like you can find them a new one at the store that suits them perfectly.

Luxury Brands

Having a special luxury brand item can be incredibly fun and will make your special someone feel like they are being spoiled. It can be simple, and relatively inexpensive. A great option is to go with a luxury brand lipstick. Selecting a classic red shade that suits everyone is the best bet, with that wrapped up for your partner you will not go wrong. A pair of designer sunglasses is another excellent option, as is a designer scarf or pair of gloves.

Roses are Red

One of the most luxurious gifts that you can give is roses. Classic reds or unique purples and blues are a staple gift when wanting to express your love and give your partner a gift that they would not usually give themselves. What is better than any old bouquet of roses, however, is a preserved rose or a bunch of roses from Symphonie des Roses. A preserved rose will last approximately a year, an entire year for your partner to fall in love with both the rose and with you, over and over again. The roses at Symphonie des Roses come in a wide range of colour to suit every possible preference. They are truly eternal.


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